Scaffolding Division

Let Legacy erect the scaffolding for your construction site.

  • Safety Oriented

    At Legacy Group, Safety is our #1 Priority for all of our scaffolding carpenters and laborers. Legacy provides up-to-date inspected fall-protection to employees on an as-needed basis.

  • Experienced

    We ensure our scaffolding carpenters are experienced and thorough. We understand that people's lives are at stake while building scaffolding.

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Team Leads

  • Dependable Team Leads

    We work hard to ensure the team we send to your job site has skilled, dependable leadership.

  • Organized

    We provide our team leads with contact lists, maps, crew timesheets and more in an effort to maintain a high level of organization.

  • Leadership Qualities

    Legacy spends extra time interviewing our team leads to ensure that they truly elucidate the qualities of a true leader.

Our Team Leads are people you can trust to get the job done with no supervision.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Legacy can provide any level of staffing for your scaffolding needs.

  • Small, Medium, or Large Projects

    Legacy can scale to fit your project's needs no matter the size.