Daniel P. Wolfe


Daniel P. Wolfe has been in the technology field since March of 2009 when he enlisted in the U.S. Army. After being given the option to choose basically any job in the army, he settled on becoming a 25P (Microwave Systems Operator-Maintainer). Training for this position consisted mainly of computer networking and communications technology. Here he learned the basics of maintaining consistent uptime and communication, as well as networking fundamentals. After being honorably discharged in 2011, Daniel found work at a local Best Buy as a Geek Squad electronics technician. He was quickly promoted during Best Buy's internal department shuffling to an "Advanced Repair Agent" making him responsible for more repairs/technical work than customer service.

While working full-time and supporting a family, Daniel was also a full-time student at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College focusing on Computer Networking and Security. After 2 years, in 2013, Daniel found work in Mobile, AL as a Desktop Support Manager at a local call-center. He quickly developed his skills and was personally responsible for several major projects including the addition of 150 extra cubicles including networking, PC imaging and individual user setup!

After leaving the call-center in search of better opportunities, Daniel found himself in the position of IT Specialist at a local IT Managed Services Provider. Under the tutelage of his supervisor there, he became well-versed in all types of businesses from hospitals and medical offices to retail stores and gyms to construction or design companies. It was with this company that Daniel "Wolfe" first truly began working for Legacy Group Holdings. He met and developed a great professional relationship with Leslie Duke and the rest of the staff in 2014.

After 2 years with the service provider, Wolfe leapt once more into a more challenging role as a systems administrator for one of the largest law firms in Alabama. After a short time with the law firm, Wolfe found an amazing job opportunity with a local tri-state building material supplier as the Director of Technology. After a successful tenure at the supplier, Wolfe was offered the position to be the CIO for Legacy Group Holdings.

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Wolfe's Skills

PC Hardware

As an avid PC gamer since 1996, Wolfe is more than familiar with all types of PC and Server hardware.


Daniel is well-versed in many operating systems like Windows and OS X. He's also capable of supporting many types of common business software from the Microsoft Office Suite to Quickbooks!


From networking hardware like switches, access points, and routers to software or firmware configuration, networking is definitely in Daniel's wheelhouse.


The U.S. Army takes their Networking and Communication Security VERY seriously. Daniel learned the skills and importance of cryptology, access control operations security and more. . .


Daniel's job in the U.S. army was focused entirely on the Microwave Radios used for wireless point-to-point digital communication. He has also been actively researching and using all of the latest emerging wireless technology like Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, NFC and more!


From POTS to VoIP to 4G, Wolfe has the skillset to troubleshoot, maintain or install most forms of telecommunication equipment.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Being familiar with most technology, it makes sense that audio/visual hardware, wiring, installation and troubleshooting would be a skill Wolfe possesses.